Why use piksells?  

We don’t blind you with jargon. We offer you a simple, easy to understand and convenient way to put your business on the World Wide Web.  You don’t have to know anything about computers or the Internet – we do everything for you:

YOU: Decide on your target audience & your message

WE: Research a suitable ‘domain’ name, (i.e. www.yourname.com)

  • Check to make sure that is not taken

  • Register it on your behalf to stop others using it

  • Build a draft site for your approval

  • Make changes to the draft to fit with your needs

  • Upload it to our Internet Computers.

  • If you have email at work (or home), we will arrange for your client messages to your memorable email address to be forwarded to any email address you wish. For example, clients writing to enquiries@smartoptom.com could be forwarded to you at home at fred@freeserve.net.

  • We give you up to ten different mailing addresses (so you might want sales@, theboss@ etc). More mailboxes are offered for nominal additional charges.


Search engineering - the key to online business success...

With over 500 Billion pages out there we make sure our clients' pages are visited in preference to their competitors! Visit our site promotion page to get your own free report so you can benchmark the success of your own site.

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