Where are piksells?

As close as your nearest computer with an Internet connection!

We are based in Essex, England with offices in Clifton Park, New York. If your company is based in the UK or you are seeking to expand your market here our intimate knowledge of the location gives a great advantage as we understand this market very well.

It has often been said that England and America are two great nations divided by a common language! To succeed on the Web involves effective communication to the relevant market - we are here to help.

We have done work for companies on both sides of the 'pond'

Search engineering - the key to online business success...

With over 500 Billion pages out there we make sure our clients' pages are visited in preference to their competitors! Visit our site promotion page to get your own free report so you can benchmark the success of your own site.

Box 2009, Rochford, Essex SS4 1DB Telephone +44 (0)1702 713417


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