What does it all cost? If you are taking your first tentative steps in this new medium consider our 'turnkey' package. This takes all the pain out of the experience! We do all the worrying and all the work, and you get the website! The first year is only 246.00*, covering design, 'hosting' and email forwarding for one year, a saving of 124 over our normal fees. Name registration is 48 for 2 years.

(*Site design, including 3 hours free work on acceptance of draft version and hosting for 1 year)

We can offer an infinite variety of packages tailored to your particular needs. You may already have a site and be looking for an alternative host. Our annual fee for hosting a commercial site starts at £99 (UK £). Or you may have a site you would like us to 'rework'. Our hourly fee is from £35.

What about Search Engines? Did you know that 46% of sites are found by the use of search engines, yet only 16% of all the web pages submitted for registration to the Internet search engines are actually registered or 'indexed?

Another interesting statistic - 95% of the business web sites that are indexed by the search engines are listed outside of the top two pages of searches returned against keywords that describe the products or services offered by the particular business. What does all this mean? Simple. If your site does not appear near the top of the listings for potential customers searching for your products it will be invisible and you may as well not be there!

You may think about submitting your site to the search engines. It is relatively straightforward but there are a number of hidden pitfalls to trap the unwary - if you have not optimized your pages to make them 'search engine friendly' you could end up not being listed and, should you submit too frequently, your site could even be blacklisted by an engine.

Alternatively you could take advantage of our advanced search engineering service to enable you to capitalise on your web site . This involves an analysis of your keyword phrases, placement and density within your site, followed by tactical submission/ resubmission strategies. We use a number of pieces of analytical software to track the changes to search engine listings made by these subtle site alterations. Most changes are made 'behind the scenes' on hidden comment text or 'meta tags' within the coding of your pages. We also can compare keyword listings and densities with any competitors currently scoring well on the searches.

What does your consultancy offer? Even if your site is not hosted by us we provide a site consultancy service. We will advise you on how your site can be improved, both from the technical side (download times), to user-friendliness, search engine readiness and how to market your site online.

We offer a free reporting service which will show how well your site is profiled on the major search engines. Click here for your own FREE report

Are there other charges?

Updating site/publicising: from 35/hour (only done at your request)
Personal control panel: 10/year (if you wish to do your own site updating)


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