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High ranking on search engines is all about getting traffic to visit your site. But it is only a small part of the story. An engine can index terms on your page that are only incidental to your business. Such terms, if typed in by many visitors to the engine, increase your visitors for sure. However they will only spend moments on your page before realising the page is not what they are looking for. You need targeted visitors

high ranking on search enginesThe key in online promotion is to identify terms, central to your business that are regularly typed into searches. They may not be the obvious ones to you! Ideally pick ones that are not being featured by your competitors.

Search engins

Yes, a typo! Did you know that 'search engins' is being typed in by huge numbers of people. Your own business will also have typos similar to 'search engins' - if you don't optimise at least one page to appeal to those who can't spell well your competitors will eventually do so, losing you valuable business.

Once you have selected your terms your pages need to be optimised so the page appears to be highly relevant to the search engine. Every engine uses a different method of calculating 'relevancy' so this makes things more complex! Don't 'overstuff' your page with key terms - search engine can blacklist your site if they consider this is happening.

You spent time and money developing your site - now you need to seize every advantage to achieve high ranking on the search engines for your selected key phrases.

Piksells can help you take the guesswork out of achieving high ranking in the search engines. Our cost-effective service, using a battery of analytical software tools, pinpoints your most effective key phrases optimises your pages to appeal to each engine's algorithm, and formulates a strategy to submit your pages to the major engines in the most efficient way.

Our claims are realistic, we promise what we know we can achieve and back our promise with a guarantee.

How effective is Piksells search engine promotion service?

Read what one of our newer clients has written:

Dear Terry

A quick note to thank you and your team at Piksells. When we originally spoke about 'search engineering' it really did not mean a lot to me. It seemed like a lot of jargon. Actually I was a little cynical but decided to give it a try for a year.

Anyway I admit I was wrong.

From the helpful reports you have been sending I have seen how, after the first few months, we have been climbing the league charts in a number of search engines. Last week we were listed as number one on ten of the major engines for 'coldrooms' and in the top three positions for 'refrigeration consultants' in a similar number of engines!

More importantly, I have been getting some great sales leads from the site. I have made a number of very significant sales over the past months thanks to the site promotion. Every time I switch on the PC there are more new enquiries.

Your promotion strategy has really worked for us, and in comparison with taking out an advert in a paper, has cost the business far less.

Please carry on with what you are doing for us - I would recommend you to anyone!

John Long

Viessmann Coldrooms (UK)


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