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Website promotion. . . how do I get my site listed on the search engines?

Up to 40% of your online business can be generated through search engines, so you need to get listed. Your goal in website promotion is to be listed in the all-important first three pages. Piksells can help you - via our affordable search engine promotion service. Although we build and host sites, we are equally adept at analysing an existing site. We optimise your pages to ensure they are 'search engine friendly' and conduct an online submission program which will not only get your site found, will but push your search engine ranking above your competitors. A high search engine ranking means more visitors - wouldn't you rather have the business?

How effective is Piksells search engine promotion service?

...well, check for yourself. Here's a few terms we have optimised for our clients - click on any search engine link below to be taken directly to that search engine page. Our service really works - not only are our clients listed on the first page of results, but frequently they are at the top of the search engine ranking! Couldn't your site benefit from this type of exposure?   Click here to read what our clients think about our service.

Free ranking report for your site

Check out the search engine rankings below, then see how your own site measures up. Let us send you a free report of your own search engine rankings.

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The results below show site rankings in the "regular" results - the majority of surfers realise that the "sponsored links" that head up search engine pages do not indicate the well a site will match their needs, but only how much money the webmaster decided to throw at this type of promotion!

As listings can change from day to day you may find occasional differences from the listing below if you click on the search engine links.

client phrase search engine ranking
Sleek 'n Chic vintage girdles Ask Jeeves 1
    Alta Vista 2
    AOL Search 1
    Google 1
    MSN 1
    Teoma 1
    Jayde 1
    Open Directory 4
    Netscape 1
    Yahoo Web Pages 1
    Exactseek 1
    Iwon 1
    Excite 1
    Searchwarp 1
    Wisenut 2
Viessmann Coldrooms coldrooms Google 4
    Alta Vista 1
    AOL 4
    All the Web 1
    Ask Jeeves 3
    Yahoo Web Sites 4
    Hotbot 6
    Lycos 1
    Looksmart 1
    MSN 6
    Open Directory 1
    Overture 7
    Websearch 1
    Exactseek 2
    Iwon 4
    Netscape 4
    Excite 3
    Wisenut 1

You too can target your audience with this degree of precision.Give your site the boost it needs.

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